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Basic Design
Detail Engineering
Offshore Wind Energy
Offshore Operations Training

Latest in PriServe

New Initiative in Gulf Market with Branch Office in Dubai.

New Initiative in Embeded Technologies and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) as vertical for Different Domains

PriServe Engineering contracted with WorleyParsons for providing Structural and Piping support for Hebron Topsides and Rosebank FPSO projects.

PriServe’s Embedded Technology group commences work on a Device Driver project for GCT Semiconductors.


Detail Engineering

Hull and Structure

  • 3D Modeling of Hull and structures
  • Block detailed Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Weight and COG, Jigs and Bending data
  • Part List, Profile and Plate Nesting
  • NC tapes and Information

Machinery and Outfit

  • 3D Modeling of Pipes, Vents, cable tray and equipments
  • 3D Modeling of Ladders, manholes, hatches, railings, etc
  • Piping, Cable and Vents Layout
  • Isometric drawings
  • Pipe spool Sketches
  • Bill of Materials for Pipes, Cable and vents

Other services we can provide

  • Procurement services
  • Site supervision
  • Yard evaluations and yard fabrication support
  • Operation support
  • Conversion designs


  • The QA-system of Priserve engineering consists of defined quality policy, qualified staff, QA documentation and respective guidelines.
  • Our quality assurance system is used to assure the quality of the design and Project management.

We use following CAD tools for our Design and Analysis

  • Tribon (3D Modeling)
  • AutoCAD (Drafting)
  • StabCAD (Stability)
  • (Structural Analysis)
  • ANSYS (Structural Analysis)
  • SACS (Structural Analysis)
  • AutoSHIP (Powering and stability)
  • MORA (Motion Analysis)


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